About the Book - In the Arms of the Grandmother Tree

Published by Six Roses Press, “In the Arms of the Grandmother Tree” is written to ignite the flame of loving kindness that lives in each child’s heart. It is a tale of the imagination that helps children connect deeply with their feelings and intelligence and teaches them to make conscious and intuitive decisions that can create joy and contentment in their lives. The Grandmother Tree is the symbol of all nature and a peaceful, powerful presence and resource for each child who comes to her. While this book is designed to bring a smile to each child’s face, it aims also to provide loving support and guidance to children in vulnerable circumstances who may need extra love and care. The Grandmother Tree has the potential to become a consistent, loving place where a child may return again and again to seek consolation, express deep feelings and draw strength and resilience from her teachings.

An illustrated Children’s Book, all the photographs are meant to stimulate the eye and soothe the spirit, so that a child may feel s/he is playing and exploring in nature. Coupled with drawings of children from all continents around the globe, there is an extra sense of magical wonder where the children interact with nature in imaginative ways. The words, photos and drawings aim to provide knowledge of self and a feeling of belonging in the world to each child, helping to create healthy habits of thinking, feeling, speaking and action that will ennoble and enlighten each child throughout life. “In the Arms of the Grandmother Tree” honors the beauty and innocence in each child – all are deserving of love, hope and happiness.

This book connects children with the peace, joy and love that lives inside themselves, and helps build emotional strength, resilience and happiness. We send books all around the globe to inspire children to claim their birthright of joy and self worth.

As a philanthropic project, we work with people all over the world who believe in this idea, and we invite you to belong to the growing community of “In The Arms Of The Grandmother Tree” – we care, and we know you care, too.
Kiki sitting in meditation